he Orphan Ministry

Orphan Ministry

It has been quite amazing to witness how God has changed my life and has given me unexplainable joy and peace through His wondrous Love. My life has never been the same since I experienced His unconditional LOVE, which makes Him worthy to be praised and worshiped. My Father inspired and taught me how to love the forgotten ones and the fatherless, since that is what He did for me. The more I became closer to God, the more I heard Him say, “I love you forever my son, and I want you to tell this to others as well - that I LOVE and CARE for them.” It is God’s love which makes me walk on this path - the LOVE path. As we grow in understanding God’s love, it will inspire and teach us to Love and Care for the forgotten ones, indeed for all human kind. 

It is evident to see all around us, that the expression of Love is so scarce, and it is heartbreaking to see children living on the streets and without families. The challenges of life are so many, even within families, not to mention without loved ones around us.  It is my strong conviction that God will raise many orphans within family settings.

So, it gives me great joy and it is a great privilege to be part of a love movement that serves these precious but abandoned and forgotten orphan children. When I realized that God considers an orphan ministry as an act of worshipping Him, it made me even more excited and joyful. The more I came to understand the Love of God, the more I stretched and still stretch my hand out to worship in action. 

Experiencing the height and depth of my father's Love, through Christ, I joyfully share with those who are in need of love. A person who UNDERSTANDS how he has been LOVED offers him/herself to worship God in action. Isn't it true? What a privilege it is to worship God.

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