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A good friend of mine invited me to break a bread at their beautiful house. Fried fish was served. When I was ready to eat, his mom reminded us to be careful of the tiny and dangerous fish bones. Well ,that didn't stop me from eating the fish even though it was risky to swallow a fish bone, it can pierce you in the throat. The food was nutritious and tested really good.

The forgotten word "Selfless".

We don't post a group picture where we don't look good even if the others look great because, we judge the whole picture depending on how WE look. (John C.Maxwell)

The world is full of pictures which takes our attention. Blur any picture which has a potential to defocus you from the picture of the cross of Christ.

With all the crazy noise and circumstances around us we need to have that inner peace to understand or to recognize our God is in control of every situation. Let our hearts trust His mighty hands. 
He is exalted in all nations and worthy of all praises. Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

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