he The Great One


The Great One

When Jesus was on earth, there were many people who followed him, pressing on him, pushing him, requiring more of Him but He didn’t miss his mission- the reason why He came to the world. He didn’t stop speaking to the crowd about the Kingdom of God even though some were trying to force him to become King and were wondering why He wasn’t taking His throne here on earth. He slipped away into the hills by Himself because His desire and joy was to fulfil the mission that God gave Him and to glorify Him.

Crowds (and their expectations of what we SHOULD be doing) will have the potential to make us lose focus of our mission. But it’s not about us being great, it’s about Serving the GREAT One.

And He is the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the Beginning and the End, King of Kings, the Lord of Lords but most of all our loving Father God.

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