he Holy Spirit, the Great Teacher!


Holy Spirit, the Great Teacher!

We live in the Information Age; information is everything. People some how have access to information for everything but they don’t have the know-how. That means there are few people who produce the data but the majority will copy and paste(Google). Therefore education has been simplified to a transfer of information yet those who translated their information to an action or a skill, they are called “knowledgeable”. Albert Einstein put it this way- “Education is the training of a mind to think”.

The difference between information and knowledge is; information is data for something from somewhere. Knowledge is taking that information, understanding it, experiencing it and applying it into a skill that adds value to what we do. That is why some people have information about many things but they lack knowledge.

My point,

What I mean is, Christianity today is becoming about information and not knowledge. Where our lives have become ACTION less whereas, God is a God of action. We preach and sing about Christ and the Christian life (which is good) but we lack living it out. The question is “do we really know Him well?” Or are we talking about what we have heard only (not experienced or tasted )? Do we just have information about God?

Having the information is good and it’s the first step but after that, to want to KNOW more will give us the benefit of making us closer to the Source. We need to grow in our love and faith by knowing God and what He is really like. Oooh!!! How happy will God be WITH the person who wants to KNOW Him more rather than having more information about Him.

Let’s want that- be excited! Grow in knowing God by the great teacher; Holy Spirit (Colossians 1:9) Because, we need to understand more about the manifestation of God’s love which has been seen through Christ and that’s why the Holy Spirit came to the Earth, to teach and elaborate on who Christ is. Every one of us has the right to hear from God (Direct communication.)

More than information we need to KNOW about GOD, even though we can’t ever know Him fully in this life.

It’s my deepest desire is to know God more and to live according to His word- to live as a child of God. Let us know; Let us Pursue greater knowledge of the Lord (Hosea 6:3).

Holy Spirit, the source of knowledge will guide us if we are willing and allow Him the time to show us.



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