he God created balance


God created balance

One scientist discovered that the Earth stands at 23.5 degrees. If one degree is missing, the whole world would be destroyed. For humans we have something in our inner ear (the vestibular system) which allows us to walk in balance; with out it we would be like a drunk person who always loses falls over all the time. That’s why some of the things that we are addicted to will directly affect our balance (Work, alcohol, drugs etc.) We can mention many things but the point is that we need to work and have rest in the RIGHT TIME, as God has already planned out for us.

Even though we give our lives to God, we still live in an environment where balance is needed and will continue to do so till the day when we will be out of this gravitational atmosphere- in so many ways! (Gravity being anything that pulls us down.)

That’s why in this world where gravity rules, balance is the better way to live life; In family, in work, with friends…everything.

From many characteristics of the Spirit of God, one is the ability to control our self and thoughts. This is one of the blessings we receive as His children as His Spirit dwells within us- Praise God!

Therefore the reason why we should balance everything is because God will be glorified in everything we do. The secret for a successful life is Balance; in order to be effective and productive.

Some people are rich in money but not in family; some pray everyday but they are not at peace with people around them; some serve in the church but their family is suffering; some love their family but don’t work…too much of something without balance is not good at all.

Let’s Wake Up! We need to keep our balance to walk on the streets of a good life.

As a musician, where our world is different and demanding in so many ways, balance has been challenging for me too- but the Spirit of God will help, teach and guide us in the right direction.

Proverbs 11:1

2 Peter 1:5-7

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