he Much has been Given for Ethiopia


Much has been Given for Ethiopia

I was in South Africa for the first time this week and I couldn’t believe what I saw; it’s very hard to tell South Africa is an African nation. And then, Mama Ethiopia came to my mind.I asked my self what did we miss? There’s such a big gap!

 Well, they told me all this beautiful economic growth happened to South Africa because they were colonized. My reply was “What? I thought colonization is bad?” as I remembered Ethiopia is the only African nation that has never been colonized. So, I was tempted for a moment to think that if we had the chance to be colonized how beautiful Ethiopia would be; people will not suffer due to basic needs being unmet.

The question which came to me was, “Did our grandparents do the right thing or not?”

But if our fathers fought for freedom in Ethiopia so as not to be colonized by westerners just so they could BRAG to those who were colonized, I think their fight was in vain. Because Ethiopian young people are still crossing borders illegally to be colonized by western countries, the Middle East- in fact even to African countries to have a better life. But this time the colonisation is due to their willingness and their desire for change.

I feel like there is something that we missed! As the New York Time magazine said in a recent article “Why are Ethiopians starving again? Why has nothing changed?”

Colonisation is not to be blamed for all African problems. See Ethiopia has never been colonized and yet we have the worst problem in the world: People still die from a lack of basic yet major needs like food (by the way it’s 2016 where the world is way different than the basic needs!)

My fear is that our being a non-colonized country just left us with pride.

I believe in “free will” because my Father God has given that to us. Colonization doesn’t believe in free will, so I DON’T believe in colonization. But the modern colonization demands your will.

We shouldn’t have any excuse as an Ethiopian for our poverty in both knowledge and basic needs; work attitude, tolerance, peace and unity. God has created Ethiopia beautiful and the minds of the people of Ethiopia beautiful as well. It’s just that we are ignorant and don’t want to use it. We haven’t accessed all that God has available to us because our pride tells us we know it all and don’t need God or others to influence us. So…

Let us BLESS our Creator for giving us a beautiful mind. Ask Him to forgive us for not using this valuable resource He has blessed us with.The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, It is also our duty to pray for our country; the prayers of righteous people do mighty things. Let the Spirit of God help us to DO what we have asked Him to help us to do.

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Much has been given for Ethiopia, even enough to share for others.

Glory be to God for the work He is doing in Ethiopia and our beautiful Continent of Africa. He will be faithful to complete it all.

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