We are not purchased by expensive silver or gold. Its Jesus Christ’s blood that saved us from death. His blood is not just a blood but a blood which can’t be bought by ANY PRICE in heaven or earth. Because, God gave his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to be crucified on behalf of all our wrong doing. So that we believe in HIM and become F R E E from any condemnation.

Our life begins when Jesus said it’s all done on the cross at Golgotha.

He became man so we can be son and daughters of God.

He was wounded so that we can be healed by his wound.

He was crucified so that we can be free from any condemnation.

He raised up from death so that we believe in Him that His power is above all powers combined in heaven and earth and even death cannot hold Him back.

God gave Him Name above all Names.

He is Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Alpha and Omega & Worthy of all praises for He purchased for God persons from every tribe and language and people and nation. Revelation 5:9

Don’t feel like He has forgotten you. The price that He paid at Golgotha always come to Him whenever He thinks of you. God loves you my friend.


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