he God never sent you to the voicemail


God never sent you to the voicemail

Some days are not just a day in our lives, but because of what had happen in them, they will be remembered in a special way. I hope you all have those some days in your lives. I have some too!

There was a time when I was sick and hopeless for many days and waiting for my healing to manifest. When I remember those days I break in to tears. My friend, God hears prayers, He knows them even before we ask. But, He wants us to know our identity in Christ and act on it.

Those situations have made my faith stronger in God. No matter how difficult your situation is, tell Him in prayer because God is in you to help you. He loves you no matter how bad your situation looks, what you just need to do is, surrender to His will and have faith in Him that He will never let you down.

Psalm 145:18, the Lord is near to all who call on him.To all who call him in Truth!

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