he Guidance of Holy Spirit


Guidance of Holy Spirit

Choice,is a powerful thing that has its own consequence. We all make choices every single day and minute in one way or another. A choice we make today determines our tomorrow or our future in a good way or a bad way.

The bible says on Romans 8:14 all those who are guided by spirit of God are the sons of God.When we make choices, we should be lead by the Spirit, because He is all knowing and is in us to give us guidance and direction.

We know that God is a God of choice. Even though He has the power to make us choose anything He wants, but He left it all to our will. If this hadn’t been the case, we, all, would have been in Eden choosing God without our will. But, God respects a person’s choices and doesn’t do anything without our will. He made us His own by Love. LOVE ALWAYS WINS. He loved us first so that we love him.

Holy Spirit, I surrender my will to be lead by you everyday. Because you know.



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