he Siding with the truth


Siding with the truth

Most of us have the tendency to stick with our own beliefs that stayed long within us rather than siding with the truth. And the sad thing is we still want to stick with what we said or do even if we know the truth is on the contrary. Because we fear to be wrong than siding with the truth. The truth shouldn’t make us fearful, but rather F A I T H F U L and free. Fighting against the truth is a wrong battle to engage oneself in to. Because the TRUTH always WINS!

We have to redefine our way of thinking and living because of this truth we just discovered although it is not easy and doable by our own but with God’s help. .Knowing the truth and taking side with it is doing what is right, as it says on John 8:32 ”… and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”


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