he Selflessness



The forgotten word "Selfless".

We don't post a group picture where we don't look good even if the others look great because, we judge the whole picture depending on how WE look. (John C.Maxwell)

How very hard is it to be selfless? Recently, I took the time to see myself in a mirror where I couldn't hide myself; where I looked at the true intentions behind all I did, where, what I did and why I did it. "The only thing we need to achieve significance is to be intentional". In one way or another there is an intention behind everything that we do. 

As I was reflecting on my own intentions, the saddest and hardest intention I found in me was to be selfish. (Self-interest, self-benefit or self-glorification). Doing things to make me look good in the picture. 

I am a musician; a work which needs a heart that is intentionally focussed on being more than just about self. An environment which creates the opportunity to make it all about you. It's so difficult to be invisible. With out a heart of intentional selflessness in every moment, it is so hard to go far. Even though It's hard to be invisible on the stage, it's possible to be intentionally invisible by heart and action.

One major lesson that I learned from Christ is that He was selfless in every way. He came down to earth leaving all His glory, and He gave everything up including his life so we can be sons and daughters of God. 

If we ask "What is the benefit of being selfless when we have the chance to be selfish?" We get to care for others more than us, when we treat others as we wanted to be treated God our Father will be glorified for our good deeds and we will get everything by losing it. 

Selflessness is like losing a battle consciously in order to win.

There is a huge scarcity of such kind of hearts these days.

When Jesus gave everything, His father gave him the Name above all names and by losing everything he got more than He ever had before- restoration of relationship with us. 

The days are telling us to be selfish, the world is teaching us how to be even more selfish in a smarter way. The reason behind all distraction is selfishness. Self-interest within our family, friends, neighbors, or even our country...look at what happened to the planet because of selfishness. "Selfless" has become a forgotten word these days but the Bible tells us to be selfless. And to care for the benefit of others more than our own benefit.

May Gods grace help us to grow on this.


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