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Telling the truth is what we need to do but if there is no love in it I think we are missing the whole point,because it’s all about love.

When Jesus was on earth, there were many people who followed him, pressing on him, pushing him, requiring more of Him but He didn’t miss his mission- the reason why He came to the world. He didn’t stop speaking to the crowd about the Kingdom of God even though some were trying to force him to become King and were wondering why He wasn’t taking His throne here on earth. He slipped away into the hills by Himself because His desire and joy was to fulfil the mission that God gave Him and to glorify Him.

One scientist discovered that the Earth stands at 23.5 degrees. If one degree is missing, the whole world would be destroyed. For humans we have something in our inner ear (the vestibular system) which allows us to walk in balance; with out it we would be like a drunk person who always loses falls over all the time. That’s why some of the things that we are addicted to will directly affect our balance (Work, alcohol, drugs etc.) We can mention many things but the point is that we need to work and have rest in the RIGHT TIME, as God has already planned out for us.

Every moment has been given by God because of his mercy and grace; there are people who didn’t make it till now or even up until this very second, but you did. 

I was in South Africa for the first time this week and I couldn’t believe what I saw; it’s very hard to tell South Africa is an African nation. And then, Mama Ethiopia came to my mind.I asked my self what did we miss? There’s such a big gap!

We live in the Information Age; information is everything. People some how have access to information for everything but they don’t have the know-how. That means there are few people who produce the data but the majority will copy and paste(Google). Therefore education has been simplified to a transfer of information yet those who translated their information to an action or a skill, they are called “knowledgeable”. Albert Einstein put it this way- “Education is the training of a mind to think”.

We are not purchased by expensive silver or gold. Its Jesus Christ’s blood that saved us from death. His blood is not just a blood but a blood which can’t be bought by ANY PRICE in heaven or earth. Because, God gave his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to be crucified on behalf of all our wrong doing. So that we believe in HIM and become F R E E from any condemnation.

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