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Some days are not just a day in our lives, but because of what had happen in them, they will be remembered in a special way. I hope you all have those some days in your lives. I have some too!

Choice,is a powerful thing that has its own consequence. We all make choices every single day and minute in one way or another. A choice we make today determines our tomorrow or our future in a good way or a bad way.

Most of us have the tendency to stick with our own beliefs that stayed long within us rather than siding with the truth. And the sad thing is we still want to stick with what we said or do even if we know the truth is on the contrary. Because we fear to be wrong than siding with the truth. The truth shouldn’t make us fearful, but rather F A I T H F U L and free. Fighting against the truth is a wrong battle to engage oneself in to. Because the TRUTH always WINS!

Forgiveness,gives peace of mind to self. It makes us free, whether we have hurt someone or is hurt by others. Even though ,it’s hard to forgive specially when we are hurt by others, however we have to forgive anyway. And if it is difficult for you to do it, remember how much God forgave you. It is God’s forgiveness which made us sons and daughters of him.It’s difficult to worship God with unforgiving heart.Becouse,God loves forgiveness more than sacrifice!

From the three events of time (past,present and future),we really worry about the future.Off course,the past is gone but the future is not yet to be ours but NOW is. If we know the power of NOW,that means we will invest on our future.The future is a combination of many “NOW”. You can imagine a good farmer, who invest on his now. By doing that, he always see the better future. The power of knowing NOW is a key to the future.Invest in your Now,

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