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We usually say to each other Enjoy your time , Enjoy the day or Enjoy the moment. It really feels good to enjoy our time. That is nice. But today I came across the word that says "Enjoy The Lord".

One of my good friends used to tease me for starting my ministry at an early age saying: "Even Jesus started His ministry at the age of 30, you better follow his footsteps and wait until you get there, till that I won't accept your service.":) Well, today, I just turned 30, so he better be on board. :)

No matter how bad your situation might be...Don’t lose hope in God. Let your heart rejoice in the Lord because His love for YOU is ENDLESS, UNFAILING, UNCHANGING and UNCONDITIONAL.

Is there any one who is paying to speak any good words? I don't think that good words have a price tag on them but rather they heal a broken heart. 

Who doesn't make mistakes? There is not a single person who can raise their hand to say I never committed sin. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. It's by the grace and mercy of God that we become what we are now(sons and daughters of God). 

They say "there is no time management but rather we manage ourself in time." I believe this is true. No one has the ability to tell time what to do (to stop ticking or when to start) unless humans are authorized by the spirit of God (like Joshua).

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