he Memory of the Future


Memory of the Future

Memory of the Future

Dawit Getachew

It is about time and opportunity to go to the future and looking back the days before it actually happen. We usually say the people who are in long age are blessed. Well, it’s true but a person who has a chance for now is more blessed. We all say we want to do something or we have a dream in the future. Thus, from the three aspects of time, which are yesterday, today and tomorrow we worry much about tomorrow. The past is passed, we cannot change it. The future however is coming even though it’s not in our hands; we can do something about it. It’s true that we can’t go to the future physically. But we have the access to go to the future in our mind through investing on our NOW. There are some people who live in the future. Both yesterday and tomorrow are not ours, but today is. So, “Memory of the Future” is to use our opportunity or chances for better future and looking back after the lapse of time. How do you want your future to be? Answer the question to yourself. Our future is a combination of many NOWs, which are in our hands. You can use your NOW as you want as your future to be, trust me the key to the future is NOW. Bless the Lord God about today or NOW, because it is a gift from him and use your NOW in thinking of a better Future which will be MEMORY OF THE FUTURE after some time.

Track List

  • The Power of Faith 8:19
  • Hope 8:42
  • Memory of The Future 11:07
  • Gheralta 8:28
  • Worthy of All Praise 9:09
  • Love (Live) 6:18
  • Mercy 4:38
  • Rejoice 8:23
  • Thank You 9:49
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